Our Italian angels, Don Pippo and Lamberto Livraghi, stepped up to help the Italian part of Camp Maximum team and 100+ Ukrainian refugee children based in Italy. Having no previous connection to us, these two gentlemen dedicated so much time and energy to make Camp Maximum in Italy possible!  Their blessings were enormous, here’s just a few samples of what they did for us, they:

  • Offered the camp site,
  • Found local businesses to offer discounted or free services for Ukrainian children providing free meat, yogurt, vegetables and other items. In Ira’s words: “the meat and yogurt we
    received for the camp are the kinds that I never was able to afford to buy for our family. So
    blessed that our Ukrainian children are getting the best at this difficult time!”
  • Found transportation at a reduced cost,
  • Held fundraisers to help fund multiple camp expenses,
  • Found free Covid testing from local laboratories,
  • Provided discounted activities, tours,  and so much more!

We truly feel loved and blessed by the unconditional love these two Italian strangers (and now dear friends) poured on our team. A true display of unity and support from across the world. As you continue to pray for us in Ukraine, please also pray for Don Pippo and Lamberto, their teams and families, and for the entire team that started our first week of camp on June 27.

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