Together with LimbFit, the Christian Medical Association, the Shepherd’s Foundation, and the Ministry of Health of Ukraine we started a series of visits by international medical teams to Ukraine.

The common goal: improvement of interaction between surgeons and prosthetists to ensure high-quality prosthetics for military and civilian Ukrainians.

First stop was L’viv to attend the “Unbreakable” National Rehabilitation Center. We discussed the topics of amputation, reconstructive surgery, prosthetics and restoration. More than 200 people were in the hall and more than 300 professionals from all over Ukraine attended online. Everyone is united by a common desire to acquire the necessary knowledge and skills to improve the treatment of patients in Ukraine.

Next stops will be Rivne, and workshops in Cherkasy and Dnipro.

It is especially gratifying that, thanks to this multi-organizational cooperation, the construction of a prosthetics lab will soon be completed at Camp Maximum. We will share more details in the upcoming future.

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