Dear Friends of Shepherd’s Foundation,

Never in our worst nightmares could I have envisioned writing to you about a war in Ukraine affecting our team there, yet here we are.  Nor could we have expected that Camp Maximum would become a way station and a place of safety for people who have lost everything!  I am pleased to report that the team in Ukraine has risen to this occasion in a manner that even they didn’t expect.  While they were anticipating a spring and summer of ministry at Camp Maximum, they are now immersed in missions of evacuation, housing, feeding and transport of people to safer areas.  Our CEO, Vitaliy Sobko, has formed a logistical team that now has a fleet of  almost 30 vans, busses and trucks that travel to hot zones like Kharkiv, Mariupol, Chernihiv, Kyiv, Irpin and other places that are often on the news.  Our courageous drivers are saving lives every day as they evacuate adults and kids including special needs kids, all of whom are severely traumatized. They are then brought to Camp Maximum where they are given food, clothing and a safe place to sleep.  As soon as possible, they are transported to a safer location in the west of Ukraine or across the border.

We are also on the forefront of providing food and supplies to those who can’t be evacuated. Vitaliy has organized vans and trucks to transport donated humanitarian aid from many European countries and distribute it to areas in need.  He is also working with Samaritan’s Purse to receive and distribute food, supplies and medications in larger quantities because the need is so great. We are leasing warehouses closer to the borders of other countries to facilitate distribution where it is needed.   Many of you have asked what you can do and I would say there are 3 things.  First, pray hard and often for peace and safety for our team and for those they are caring for.  Second, do not let the war be forgotten among your friends and contacts.  Continue to call attention to it with your legislators and colleagues.  Third, we would ask for your financial support!  We have received over $250,000 in donations and have written grants for more than $243,000 to purchase vans, food for the evacuees, fuel, sleeping bags, toiletries, medications, bandages and many other things that people need who have been driven out of their homes.  Please help us!

Finally, our diverse team gains strength from the fact that God has put them here for this appointed time.  In a recent video Vitaly quoted Proverbs 19:21, “Many are the plans in the mind of a man, but it is the purposes of the Lord that will stand.”  Pray with us, “Come, Lord Jesus, to bring an end to this horrible war!”

Standing firm with you,

Marty Wade
Board Chair
Shepherd’s Foundation