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End of 2023 Update

Hello friends and supporters of Camp Maximum for Ukraine, I realise it’s been a while since you’ve heard from me/us in this channel, and I want to acknowledge our absence over the past months.

The end of 2023 was a period of realignment, hard work, new baby Mia 👶, reflection, and adapting to various challenges that Russian aggression in Ukraine throws at us. No, we haven’t stopped working even for a bit! So many good things have happened, and our team has shared about it extensively on our Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube channels, which many of you interact with and follow. Yet, I really “dropped the ball” in updating everyone in this Telegram Channel. And today is the day of my repentance! 🙏

Today, I would like to apologise and also thank and acknowledge each one of you who still faithfully remains in this channel! If you are still here, you have either forgotten to delete yourself 🙂 or are seriously committed to updates from Camp Maximum. Thank you!

Looking ahead into 2024, I would like to renew my commitment to keeping you informed and engaged. You can expect regular updates on our activities and more interactive ways to be updated about everything the Camp Maximum team is doing. For a start, we have now enabled the comments feature. From now on, you are welcome to leave your thoughts in the comments section!

Despite the challenges, our work in Ukraine continues and is expanding at an incredible pace. 2023 was an extraordinary year for us at Camp Maximum, and I’m thrilled to share some heartwarming highlights with you. 

We took a significant step forward by partnering with the Ministry of Social Policy and the Ministry of Defence of Ukraine. Together, we’re pioneering recovery programs that touch the lives of our military heroes, war veterans, and their families, along with other war-affected individuals. It’s been a journey of deep emotional connections and transformative healing.

I’m particularly excited about our collaboration with LimbFit. We’ve established an on-site prosthetic lab, and it’s not just a facility – it’s a beacon of new beginnings. 

This led to an incredible milestone: the formation of Ukraine’s first women’s amputee football team! Imagine the joy and empowerment these amazing women experience, something we’re so proud to support in partnership with the Ukrainian Football Association and the US Amputee Football Federation.

Our heart for inclusion shines through in every program we’ve launched, especially those focusing on families and individuals with disabilities. From PTSD recovery programs for Ukrainian war veterans to tailored family and disability programs, we’re embracing every challenge with open arms. And let’s not forget the educational and spiritual support we continue to offer. These initiatives are more than just programs; they’re lifelines, stories of hope, and chapters of resilience in the larger narrative of our beloved Ukraine.

Your support makes all of this possible. Together, we’re not just running a camp; we’re nurturing a community of healing, strength, and faith. Every smile, every breakthrough, every new step taken in our prosthetic lab is a testament to the incredible journey we’re on together. Thank you for being part of this story, a story of triumph over adversity, of finding light in the darkest times! 

If you feel like learning a bit more about our 2023, please read our Ministry Update report for 2023.

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