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Athletics in Action

Sports Programs

Outreach Through Athletics

Our sports platform offers a comprehensive experience for international organizations like FCA to reach out to coaches and athletes in Ukraine, with a capacity to host up to 170 athletes at a time. One of the highlights of our platform is the quality of our facilities, as our collegiate-sized basketball courts are built to professional standards, providing a challenging and rewarding experience for athletes.

Moreover, our platform offers more than just sports activities, as it also provides a space for motivational speakers to share their insights and inspire athletes to excel both on and off the court. Our team of experts ensures that every aspect of the sports weekend, including accommodation and food, is of high quality, making it an enjoyable and memorable experience for all participants.

With our wide range of offerings and commitment to excellence, international organizations like FCA can count on our sports platform to provide an impactful and successful event for coaches and athletes in Ukraine.

Camp Possible

Outreach to Ukrainian Women with Amputations through Adaptive Soccer

About Camp Possible

“Camp Possible” is a title that was given to the first adaptive soccer camps for women with amputations that were held in Africa and the name has been used since for other camps in many areas of the world. It denotes an environment of hope, opportunity and empowerment for women often ignored or even abused because of their disability.

The first Camp Possible held in Ukraine was in September of 2023 at Camp Maximum, about 2 hours south of Kyiv. Camp Maximum is a residential Christian camp that accommodates 100 participants and provides year -round camping for all ages. The camp also has a strong outreach to kids and families with disabilities having served over 400 families in the last five years.

When the Russian invasion of Ukraine began in 2022, Camp Maximum became a crucial waystation for evacuations of refugees from Eastern Ukraine. As the war persisted, the camp expanded its efforts in rehabilitation and recovery, providing trauma healing programs for veterans, families, widows and orphans. In the spring of 2024, they opened the LimbFit Center for Prostheses where soldiers and civilians are fitted with prostheses while receiving mental and emotional support. Camp Possible is a natural outgrowth of their mission to serve those with disabilities.


Eligibility for Camp Possible requires a player to play on crutches, kicking the ball with their remaining leg. Goal keepers must have a missing or malformed upper extremity. While the field dimensions are smaller, the intensity remains high.


The team is coached by American Mackenzie Gilmore, a former Division I player at Ohio State, who has coached several other teams in the U.S. and abroad. She shares coaching responsibilities with Dmytro Rzhondkovskyi, the coach of the Ukrainian National Football Team for Men with Amputations. Coach Dmytro works with the players between Camp Possible sessions.

Additional Info

Recently, the Ukrainian Camp Possible team was named the first Ukraine National Football Team for Women with Amputations and is aiming to participate in the Women’s World Cup in November in Colombia.

The players at Camp Possible are strong, courageous, and determined to succeed in all aspects of life! Many of the women have shared stories of overcoming dark times thanks to the support and community found at Camp Maximum and Camp Possible. Olya Benda, the team captain and a war veteran, said this,” At the right moment for me, I was invited to Camp Maximum. It gave me the opportunity to keep living and to return to an active life. It saved me from the abyss I was on the edge of.”

They embody the biblical truth printed on all their uniforms, “I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength.” Philippians 4:20


What People Say 

A few words from our supporters.

thumb_01_60_60Elena Evans


"This was my first trip to Ukraine! Wonderful time traveling to Europe, learning new cultures, traditions, serving together with people from other parts of the world and being able to share faith with campers and staff at Camp Maximum. Time I will never forget! The mission ended up better than I could have envisioned! A very memorable, professional, and spiritual journey for me!"

thumb_02_60_60Ashley Lapenta

Programs Coordinator

"I traveled to Ukraine to help develop programing and processes for the new Christian Camp site the local team was just starting to build. I lived and served in Zolotonosha for six months! A rewarding experience I will cherish for the rest of my life. This was not easy, but I would definitely do it again. Love Ukraine and my dear friends in Zolo!"

thumb_03_60_60Kyle Freed


"I iterally could not be happier that I chose to travel on a mission with the Shepherd's Foundation! Through serving and sharing my faith in Ukraine I discovered deeper relationships and a sense of God's presence in my life. This is something you only come to understand when you serve abroad."


Partners and Friends

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You can donate at the link below, or contact us to learn more about other ways you can be involved.

Want to get involved?
Partner With Us!

You can donate at the link below, or contact us to learn more about other ways you can be involved.