Did I tell you that our Camp Maximum team is the best?! Each of us have our own favorite seasons to use our talents and shine. In September and October some of us went on vacation, while our construction teams rushed to finish some of the projects we started before the war. One of such projects is our treehouse.  It was put on hold in the spring, but now we are working to have it ready before the next summer season. It will be a magical place for our youngest campers and accessible for the kids with special needs. A quality meeting location and an interesting playground. We know that even such little things will be an encouragement  to many seeking hope amidst turmoil.

Another crew is working to put a roof on our shipping container warehouses. For years we lacked and needed more storage space. This year we were blessed by our friends who helped purchase four used shipping containers to help with our camp site and humanitarian aid storage and distribution needs.

Work also continues on our welcome and reception areas, in and around the admin building. Things don’t look guest friendly now, but they will very soon. In between programs this is the only time when we can work on these projects. We have now fully upgraded our septic system and installed water drains across the site. This is another project that we started before the war and now bringing to an end.

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