Program Updates from the Director

authorBy: Yura Fedoryuk  •  Feb. 9, 2018
Program Director Shepherds Foundation Ukraine
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Greetings!  January, 2018 Staff Fest is over! Three full days of fun, new meetings, brain-storming and summer plans. It was the first test for our dorm, where we hosted 56 people.

Some results of this staff fest:

  • We had 54 staffers. 22 of them were brand new and experienced Camp Maximum for the first time. They were invited by our staffers from last summer. It's very encouraging that our staffers feel they are a part of something big. Cool!
  • We found 4 camp coordinators who are going to help us run the camps this summer. They agreed to help us with programs, finding more staff and running one of the camps with Yura and Ira. During the next month Ira will work with them helping them understand their roles and responsibilities. It will be an opportunity for us to share our experience and knowledge in camp ministry.
  • The dorm was awesome; staffers loved it! One of the staffers remarked "I will probably stay here to live, it's better than my home." It was awesome to see the reaction of the staffers who worked with us last summer and stayed in the tents. They didn't expect it to look so awesome! Their reactions were priceless!
  • We had so many talented people on our team. During working group the staffers split into different areas. They produced many interesting, fun and unique ideas to use in our programs.
  • I want to tell you a few words about our master-class on crafts from creative workshop Sverlyk. Vitaliy connected with them and invited them to do a master class for our staffers to see and learn about this new possibility and opportunities in crafts. It was a very unique experience. Almost all the leaders tried to do something with their own hands, even me! Check out their website:
  • It was awesome to see how everyone used their skills and talents. The team was very responsible and passionate. It was awesome to work together!
  • Paul and Linda had a great visit to Camp Maximum; they were an encouragement to everyone. And, of course, what a great opportunity it was for Olga and Grygori Momot (they came to Staff Fest with Wicklunds) to see our Camp Maximum building and experience the unbelievable atmosphere with our staffers. It was Wooo-time !

Thank you dear friends for your prayers and support. My wish would be one day you will have the opportunity to feel the unique and unforgettable atmosphere at Camp Maximum.

May God bless you!
Yura Fedoryuk