Progress in 2016

authorBy: Vitaliy Sobko  •  Dec. 13, 2016
CEO Shepherd’s Foundation Ukraine
Vitaliy group

We've been busy this past year as we focused on redesigning the Zolotonosha Youth Center and its many projects. We have a new team and exciting new opportunities for our community:

  • Daycare: Pre-school kids can now learn and play while their parents participate in our programs.
  • Family Club: Monthly event for Christian couples giving them an opportunity to invite secular friends.
  • Discussion Club: A chance to discuss practical life questions from secular and Christian perspectives.
  • Life games: A way to help high school students develop time management, team work, leadership and other essential skills.
  • Men's and women's groups: Helping us grow together in our roles and as a team.
  • Shared resources: Building on our broader vision to serve central Ukraine, we have set up a program to share our resources in the form of sports equipment, etc., with other churches in the region.
  • Youth friendly: We are in the process of renovating and updating the interior of the Youth Center to make it more welcoming and accommodating for youth.
  • Programs for special needs: As part of our vision for expanded community work, we have partnered with Zolotonosha City Center for Social Assistance to organize games for special needs kids.
  • Camp/Retreat Center: In 2016 we've been focusing on cabin construction for our new residential camp/retreat center. Our goal is to host our first camp in the summer of 2017.

Looking Ahead to 2017

IMG_8257I've seen God do great things through Shepherd's Foundation. But God has given me a vision for more. Thankfully, he's also given me a sense of His unfailing strength to accomplish all that He desires. Our plans for 2017 will require a great leap of faith. We're examining and refining our mission—who we are, what we want to accomplish and how to serve Him best.

Thank you for your support, your prayers and, most importantly, your partnership.