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Our History

With roots going back to 1990, Shepherd's Foundation was officially founded in the spring of 1993 when it found a niche in the newly independent Ukraine by partnering with professionals.

These beginning partnerships forged a solid relationship between Christians in Minnesota and Ukraine. The focus on working together and community outreach attracted attention from volunteers and donors eager to help meet the needs.

From 1993 through 1999, Shepherd's Foundation shipped millions of dollars of donated medical equipment and supplies to Ukraine including food, clothes, dental equipment, church and school supplies. In the spring of 1994, a multi-specialty team consisting of dentists, doctors, lawyers, teachers, nurses and social workers traveled to Zolotonosha, Ukraine to begin community work in cooperation with the local Zolotonosha Baptist Church.

As a result of God's leading, Shepherd's Foundation's ministries and programs developed still having an impact today. Our goal was to see Ukrainian Christian leaders in every sphere of work in the community. God led us to skilled, motivated Ukrainians who were visionary and motivated to work tirelessly. These resourceful people latched onto the best ideas and ran with them. We are blessed to partner with these people.